Why 420 So Special?

There are several theories doing rounds as to the origins of the number “420”. Some say, it originated from a police code to track down marijuana users. Another one states that it is the official time to smoke marijuana after school as it enhances one’s appreciation of the herb than at any other time of the day. In modern times, it is considered auspicious to plant just before summer, which is on April 20th. This was in a movie called “Pulp Fiction” in which all clocks’ were set to this time throughout the movie, which was recognized by marijuana smokers. Generally, marijuana smokers use this as a code message to talk about marijuana right in front of their parents. It is really a symbol of cannabis and its culture. Studies show that, there are approximately 315 active chemicals used in marijuana, which can be increased almost to 420 depends on type of the plant. April 20th is National Pot Smokers Day and Hitler’s birthday. A magazine community called “420”, in its mission statement, seeks to repeal all of cannabis prohibition laws/penalties throughout the world, through awareness of true benefits of the plant.  Scientists/Researchers from Israel, Brazil, Canada, and United States, during Sixth National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics called upon Obama administration to take prompt action to an eight-year-old petition to reschedule marijuana for medical use.