What Is Herbal Incense And Its Legality?

Herbal Incense is a collection of herbs/spices that is mixed with JWH-18, which is a synthetic cannabis. Synthetic cannabis is an herbal/chemical product, which has effects of natural cannabis. This is known under brand names such as K2 and Spice. Drug manufacturers claim that herbal incense is a mixture of used medicinal herbs, which produces mild effect with the overall mixing resulting cannabis like intoxication. So far, no official testing has been done to see its effects on people. According to Prof. John W. Huffman, 3 grams of Spice causes as much damage to the lungs equivalent to a packet of cigarettes a day, which is quite addictive in the long run. Psychiatrists claim that lack of antipsychotic chemical found in natural cannabis might induce more psychosis than natural ones, among addicts. Most of the herbal incense drugs like K2, spice gold, synthetic marijuana do not show up in drug tests, even though it shows symptoms of cannabis intoxication similar to marijuana, hashish, or other forms of cannabis. In late 2008, a forensic toxicology lab test at the University of Germany found that K2, spice gold etc contains synthetic cannabinoids, when consumed, turns on the cannabinoid receptors found on human body, especially in the brain under short-term use. Since then, it had been estimated that at least 10 different synthetic cannabinoids have been identified in the products available in the market today with some combinations after banning them legally.