Is Weed Such A Bad Deal?

Weed is a valueless plant, which grows profusely on fertile land to the exclusion or causes extensive damage to the desired crop through wild thorns and thistles. In colloquial English slang, it is a marijuana cigarette which is considered healthier than a tobacco, because it is less likely to cause carcinogens/lung cancer and not addictive. Weed has been proven helpful to cancer patients for chemotherapy, as well as for HIV/AIDS patients through munchies and in reducing stomach pains. Studies show that the use of cannabis during marijuana/pot smoking did not cause any increase in death as compared to cigarette smoking due to relative earlier quitting smoking these. Also, exposure to smoke is much lower than tobacco smoking, which has the larger exposure per puff. If you do not want to risk your health with weed, then you can eat it with brownies or use a vaporizer for pure THC. However, marijuana smoking causes mental impairment in the long run than tobacco smoking. It was not known why marijuana smoking was and tobacco was not banned for public? One of the rumors doing rounds for a long time is due to a bad publicity by an entrepreneur in the paper industry, where part of marijuana were used as hemp for the production of paper, clothing etc quite cheaply by relating it to a murder case after using marijuana.